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Online tutoring has gained popularity in the last one and a half years owing to the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic. With the global lockdowns and the inability of people to step out of their homes, doing everything from home including online education has become a new normal. If you are an educator or a subject matter expert with a passion for teaching, it makes sense for you to become an online tutor. This article will provide you with information on How To Become An Online Tutor.

Become an online tutor

Online tutoring can be a way of supplementing your existing income. As more and more people realize that online education can be as effective as physical classroom education the demand for online tutoring will keep on increasing. When you become an online tutor, you cater to students all around the globe. It allows you the flexibility to write homework solutions at your own pace. You can help students learn better and achieve higher grades.

How to Become an online tutor with TutorBin: How it works?

You can become an online tutor with TutorBin and choose a format of tutoring which is best suited for you. TutorBin can connect you with students who require homework assistance and help you earn along the way. TutorBin has 1500+ experts as tutors who provide homework help in 250+ subjects and specializations.  But How To Become An Online Tutor? here are the steps –

How to become an online tutor

1. Register yourself

Once you have decided to become an online tutor you can begin your online tutoring journey by simply visiting the website,, and registering yourself using a mobile number and an e-mail id. The sign-up process is easy and user-friendly. We will send a test to you on your selected subject and once you qualify the same, you will become a verified tutor or Subject matter expert.

2. Receive assignments

After you are on board as a verified tutor and have selected your areas of expertise you would be receiving assignment questions related to your field. You can choose which homework assignment questions to answer based on your interest and availability. 

3. Submit assignment solutions

Submit correct and step-by-step solutions to the homework assignment. Stick to deadlines and ensure that the work is 100% free from plagiarism. In case you have solved the same question in the past, do not give the previous solution again. Make sure to modify the solution before submission. 

4. Get paid

After successful submission of homework solutions, you will receive weekly payments. Just provide your bank account details to receive payments automatically. Once you know How To Become An Online Tutor you can earn as many assignments and sessions as you do.

Tutor rating: What and how to get a higher rating

Now you are aware of How To Become An Online Tutor but there is one more thing for you, that is tutor rating. Based on the quality of homework solutions you would be rated after each successful submission. A higher average rating betters your chances of being offered more assignments. In case you are tutoring in more than one subject then the rating of each subject will be computed separately.

When you become an online tutor, you can do the following to ensure a high rating-

  • Always aim to provide 100% factually and technically correct solutions.
  • Refrain from copying homework solutions.
  • Provide step-by-step solutions which are easy to understand.
  • Upload solutions that are readable and clear.
  • Be brief and stick to the guidelines provided with the assignment.
  • Avoid canceling scheduled sessions unless it is totally unavoidable.
  • Clear any doubts students might have regarding the solutions. 

Benefits of an online tutor

Just like you get to know about How To Become An Online Tutor in this article. Here is a list of benefits an online tutor can have:

How to become an online tutor

1. Different formats

When you become an online tutor with TutorBin you get the flexibility to choose the tutoring format. You can choose to take a live session where you have to interact with students and provide them with step-by-step solutions in real-time. In live sessions, you have to be available to the students via WhatsApp. In case you are not comfortable with live sessions you can opt for deadline sessions. In the deadline sessions, you work on the assignment solution at your own pace and submit the correct solutions within the predetermined deadline. 

2. Remote working

To become an online tutor with TutorBin you need not be based out of a particular city or a country. You can take the sessions from wherever you are. It is a complete work-from-home model. All you need is a laptop or a smartphone with access to a reliable internet connection. You can continue living and working from wherever you wish when you become an associate online tutor, there is no need for relocation. 

3. Flexible working hours

As you can choose the assignments based on your availability you are not bound to work fixed hours. You can take as many assignments as you can handle and get paid accordingly. You can become an online tutor along with your current job or studies and earn some extra income. The flexibility in timings ensures that your full-time job or studies are not impacted. 

4. Timely payment

TutorBin offers weekly payments after you successfully submit the solutions. With TutorBin you do not have to worry about held up or delayed payments. 

5. Increase knowledge

When you write assignments on different topics you increase your knowledge and subject understanding. Each homework assignment is unique and offers you an opportunity to learn along the way in the form of research, better writing style, increased conceptual clarity, etc. You also get a chance to write different forms of assignments such as term papers, lab reports, research reports, etc. 

6. Global exposure 

As online tutoring is not limited to a physical classroom, when you become an online tutor you get the opportunity of teaching students globally. This gives you exposure to solving assignments set by leading universities across the globe and interacting with students from various countries. 

7. Teach what you like

At TutorBin you can teach what subjects you like, be it maths, chemistry, physics, economics, etc. You can also opt to solve homework assignments of multiple subjects. You have the option of choosing what kind of assignments you would want to complete, you can choose between research papers, proposal writing, lab report writing, project work, essay writing, etc. 

Join TutorBin Today

If you enjoy imparting knowledge but have no time for classroom teaching join the team of over 1500+ experts at Tutorbin and become one of the online tutor at TutorBin. You already know How To Become An Online Tutor.

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