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A lot of individuals today are inclined towards pursuing online tutoring as a career option. Be it out of a passion for the subject or an inclination towards learning, the trend is changing. Undoubtedly, online tutoring is a very noble profession to be in. You are able to disseminate knowledge to students in the most remote locations. Additionally, you are able to have a flexible schedule, among other things. While all these might be some of the biggest reasons to pursue online tutoring as a viable career option, there are some challenges and pitfalls in the way one needs to be prepared for. Therefore, you must consider a few things before you make up your mind to take up online tutoring as your career journey.

Is this my calling?

Firstly, introspect to understand if this really is your calling. Undoubtedly, it is a fulfilling journey where you get to spread knowledge and help others pursue their dreams. However, students of all types will be your learners. Ask yourself if teaching is something that excites you and makes you happy. Unless you are yourself convinced that this is something that is interesting, you will be unable to deliver effective online sessions. If you are unsure about your calling, it might be a good idea to give online tutoring a try before engaging with it on a full time basis. This will give you an insight into what the world of online tutoring is all about. It will help you understand whether that aligns with your future plans or not.

Why do I want to tutor online?

Secondly, to decide whether online tutoring is something you would want to commit to in the long run, you need to decipher why do you want to pursue it. Simply put, create a list of reasons that are pulling you towards online tutoring. These reasons should touch upon points important to you. These include passion and a feeling of giving back to work life balance, flexibility and even financial stability. Consider every aspect of online tutoring and align it with different aspects of your life. If you feel that online tutoring for you is more of a passion than making it a profession, engage with it on a part time basis. But if your list of why you should tutor online is solid and comprehensive, then taking it up as your career option may actually be a good idea. 

Individual or Platform based?

Once you have figured out that online tutoring is your calling and this is what you wish to commit yourself to, come the next set of considerations. To begin with, you need to decide whether you want to go solo or bandwagon on an existing platform. Each approach has its own merits and demerits. If you start your journey as an individual tutor, whatever you earn is yours. You don’t have to share it with the platform. However, being a new hat in the game, you may not actually attract a lot of crowd in the beginning.

On the flip side, if you decide to join an existing platform as a tutor for them, you will definitely get plenty of exposure and sessions. This will equip you with ample practical experience of engaging with students virtually and effectively helping them out. However, the revenue that you generate will be split. To find the right balance, you may want to start with an established platform, receive training and experience. Then maybe, you can move on to start your own practice as you are an established name now.

Private or Group Sessions?

Once you decide which way you want to go, you may want to decide what is the format you would like to follow. Typically, online tutoring takes place in two formats, private and group. Private online tutoring takes place in a 1-o-1 format where the student gets private and individual attention from the tutor. On the other hand, group sessions as the name suggests are for a chunk of students who wish to learn together. Both formats have their own reasons and effectiveness. To make the right decision, judge yourself if you are able to engage a cohort of 15 students at one or not. If you are unable to do so, you may want to start with private sessions. You can later move onto group ones as your journey progresses.

What will be my target group?

Finally, it is time to consider what is the target group you will attend to. With the advent of continuous learning, students can range from primary schoolers to even those with work experience of over 15 years. Thus, you need to make a call, what is the group you wish to target. Give yourself some time to reflect on your goals and aspirations. Decipher what you really wish to achieve out of your online tutoring journey. Is it building the future workforce and citizenry or is it adding value to the existing one. Once you are able to answer these questions, you will already have a target group in mind to go on with. 

To conclude, these are some of the things you may want to consider before you decide to pursue online tutoring. Do not jump right at it, take your time and make the right decision. Education is a noble profession and must not be played with. 

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