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A Brief about Chemistry

Chemistry is the science that deals with interactions between any matter and substance. If we see around us almost every phenomena involve chemistry which may be in any form. Broadly chemistry can be distinguished as physical chemistry, organic chemistry, inorganic chemistry. From a single electron to The big bang theory there are many processes involved and concept behind them can only be understand through a particular type of science that is chemistry. Chemistry is just not limited to the laboratories with the white coated chemist performing experiments with different types of acids and bases to prove some scientific theories. It has great uses from a typical household to the great engineering wonders. Chemistry is considered as that part of science which involves the study of elements and compounds composed of atoms, molecules and ions. Basically chemistry is a part of science that deals with the study of formation of materials, their composition, their transformation and the energy released or consumed during their transformations. The atom and molecules are the basic unit or components of chemistry. Chemistry is often called as Central science because it connects other sciences to each other, such as biology geology and environmental science like its role in connecting the physical science with the life science and applied science such as medicine and Engineering. As chemistry is a part of science, similarly there are five main branches of chemistry which are organic chemistry, inorganic chemistry, analytical chemistry, physical chemistry and biochemistry.

Now, here is the brief introduction of five branches mentioned above. First of all, organic chemistry is the study of carbon containing compounds and also the study of the chemistry of life. Secondly, inorganic chemistry is the study of non organic substances or non carbon containing compounds. Analytical chemistry includes the identification of components and composition of materials or the study of the chemistry of matter and the development of tools to measure properties of matter. Physical chemistry is the branch of chemistry that applies physics to the study of chemistry which commonly includes the study of properties and changes of matter and their relation to energy or we can say the applications of thermodynamics and Quantum Mechanics to chemistry. Biochemistry is the study of substances and chemical processes occurring inside the living organisms.

Understanding basic chemistry concepts is important for almost every profession. Chemistry is a part of our everyday lives. Chemistry has its own importance in every field like medical, engineering and many more. In engineering field, there is a branch associated with chemistry The need of chemistry is everywhere. From manufacturing a single pill of medicine to prevent the Eiffel tower to collapse due to corrosion. In nuclear power plants mostly all the equipments are made robust to take care the radiation effects and yet the chemistry for the equipment is monitored and kept in prescribed limit they can cause huge damage to the equipments and hence causing damage to nuclear power plant and may result to radioactivity release to the complete area. There are various societies all over the world related to the chemistry like the royal society of chemistry.

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