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Electrical and Electronics

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A Brief about Electrical and Electronics
Electrical and Electronics Engineering is an amalgamation of the study of electrical circuits, electronic analog and digital systems, energy systems, information systems and control systems. The very first section of Electrical and Electronics engineering consists of the study of electrical circuits that includes the study of electrical quantities, basic electrical circuit laws, meters and measurements and different circuit analysis techniques like nodal and mesh analysis, star-delta transformation, Thevenin and Norton theorems. In Electrical and Electronics engineering, circuit analysis also includes time-dependent circuit analysis which deals with sinusoidal steady-state phasor analysis, transients in electrical circuits, Laplace transforms and frequency response of different circuits. Also in this section we need to deal with three-phase circuits having with three-phase balanced or unbalanced loads, phase sequences and measurement of power by the most commonly used two-wattmeter method. The next important section of Electrical and Electronics engineering deals with the study of electronic analog and digitals systems mainly, semiconductor devices, diodes, bipolar junction transistors, field-effect transistors and other integrated circuits. The major emphasis is on BJTs and FETs and the biasing and frequency response of these devices. This section of Electrical and Electronics Engineering also deals with Transistor switches, DTL and TTL logic circuits, CMOS and other logic families as well. In digital electronics, students get to know of sequential logic circuits, flip-flops, Karnaugh maps, counter designs, parity checkers, adders and so on. The next important part in Electrical and Electronics Engineering is the study of energy systems. This section of Electrical and Electronics Engineering deals with power systems, power transmission and distribution and single and three-phase systems. Also, in this part of Electrical and Electronics Engineering, students are introduced to magnetic circuits, single phase and three phase transformers and their equivalent circuits and autotransformers. This section of Electrical and Electronics Engineering also gives an introduction to electromechanics that deals with the basic principles of electromechanical energy conversions, EMF produced by windings, rotating magnetic fields, Elementary concepts of rotating machines, DC machines, induction machines and synchronous machines. The information systems section of Electrical and Electronic Engineering includes the study of signals and spectral analysis, modulation, sampling and multiplexing, analog and digital communication systems, waves, transmission lines and electromagnetic or field theory fundamentals. The last section in the field of Electrical and Electronics engineering is control systems. In this section of Electrical and Electronics engineering students get to learn about feedback control systems, response of different systems to different kind of control inputs, design of different types of controllers, extensive stability analysis of systems using various techniques like root locus, Bode plots, Nyquist criterion to name a few.
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