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A Brief about Physics

Physics is the most fundamental aspect of Science. It is also one of the oldest disciplines. The main goal of Physics is to understand how the universe behaves. Several scientists have made enormous contributions in this field, namely, Sir Isaac Newton, Albert Einstein, Neils Bohr, Richard Feynman, Stephen Hawkins. The very famous “Newton’s laws of motion” is the pillar of classical mechanics. Today Physics has been a part of several interdisciplinary courses like biophysics and quantum chemistry. Today advances in Physics has led to advances in modern technology such as computers, nuclear weapons and a huge development in industrialization.

Physics has numerous branches namely Classical Mechanics, Statistical mechanics, electronics, optics, quantum physics, relativity, condensed matter physics, nuclear physics. Each branch has a broad range of applications starting from our day to day life to the properties of an electron. Physics has even found a wide range of applications in the field of engineering. In engineering, physics is mainly application based in selected fields like optics, quantum physics, materials science, applied mechanics, electronics, nanotechnology, microfabrication, microelectronics, computing, photonics, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, nuclear engineering, biophysics, control theory, aerodynamics, energy, solid-state physics. It is notable that in many languages the term for "engineering physics" would be directly translated into English as "technical physics". In some countries, both what would be translated as "engineering physics" and what would be translated as "technical physics" are disciplines leading to academic degrees, with the former specializing in nuclear power research, and the latter closer to engineering physics. In some institutions, an engineering (or applied) physics major is a discipline or specialization within the scope of engineering science, or applied science.

Career as a physicist is indeed very bright and respectable. With a Bachelor of Science degree in Physics or Engineering Physics, students can pursue careers in research and development, science, engineering, education, medicine, law, business, and the military. Current students can take advantage of the many research and internship opportunities available to help prepare them for the career of their choice. The demand of Physicists is extremely high abroad. Cornell University, Harvard University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Princeton University are some of the esteemed universities abroad that provide a high scope of physics.

The advent of the physics in the today’s life has introduced multiple methods in which human beings can observe properly, from the minute things to the celestial bodies and sometimes to things we can’t even seemingly happen to see. Optics and optical engineering help in the process and the instruments like the microscope and the telescope help us to see the above things respectively. LASERS and the optical communication play a vital role in the greater and fast less-attenuation mode of communication used in the variety of the fields-military, aviation, broadcasting, and many more to come. Next in the order comes the Sound and its engineering that acted as the mode of the communication. This heled study many and many more wave-like formations that resemble the sounds waves like the wave nature and the particle nature of the light (previously only known as rays), electromagnetic wave for which alternating current came into the frame and aided us in so many better ways.

Next in the frame pops up the mechanics and kinematics with their vivid and perhaps the more profound application to their engineering. From the pre-historical monuments to the modern-day marvels all follow the laws of the mechanics including the three laws of motion by Sir. Isaac Newton, the principle of buoyancy by Archimedes among the most noted ones. From the famous Taj Mahal to the normal day-day bridges and houses all stand on the principle of the mechanics and kinematics. Finally, the last most important and perhaps without which nothing in this planet would be possible is the Gravitation and the force and waves due to it. Discovered by Sir. Isaac Newton it’s perhaps the all points above discovered are prominently connected.

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