1.19) Medicinal value of plants. Sea buckthorn (Hippophae), a plant that typically grows at high altitudes in Europe and Asia, has been found to have medicinal value. The me- -Roub dicinal properties of berries collected from sea buckthorn eidon were investigated in Academia Journal of Medicinal Plants boing (Aug. 2013). The following variables were measured for golo each plant sampled. Identify each as producing quantita- of botive or qualitative data. ibiti solo) a. Species of sea buckthorn (H. rhamnoides, H. gyantsensis, H. neurocarpa, H. tibetana, or H. salicifolia) 15dm b. Altitude of collection location (meters) 79qooc. Total flavonoid content in berries (milligrams per gram) 1

Fig: 1