1. A program with 650 x 10^6 instructions is run on a processor with a clock cycle time of 0.38 ns. The instruction mix is given in the table above. 1. What is the clock frequency of the processor?2. What is the CPI (cycles per instruction) for the program?3. What is the total time to execute the program? 4. What is the performance in MIPS (millions of instructionsper second)?5. If you wish to obtain the highest speedup, and if the onlychange you can make to the processor is to eliminate halfof the clocks per instruction for only one instruction type(this may be due to time, power, or chip area constraints),then which instruction type would you choose for thisimprovement and why? Please explain youranswer (note, you do not need to calculate the new CPI orthe speedup).6. Instead of making the change you chose in question 1.5,you decide to use a different compiler to generate theprogram code for this application; this new compiler triesto optimize the code by eliminating redundant memoryaccesses by instead keeping and moving recentlyaccessed memory values in registers. Assume that thiscompiler eliminates 33% of the load instructions in thecode, but adds 25% additional ALU instructions. Whatspeedup is obtained by executing the program generatedby this new compiler? Does this compiler actually speed upor slow down the program running on thisprocessor? Please explain.

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