1- Now, consider a hypothetical discussion between two Physics 270 L students who are debating whether the period of a pendulum depends on the pendulum's length or not. Student 1: The average period for the pendulum of length 0.9 m was 1.87 s. The average period of the 0.75 m pendulum was 1.70 s. Since these times are different, the period of the pendulum must depend on the pendulum's length. Student 2: Sure, the average times are different. But there was spread in our 10 measurements for each period. For the 0.9 m pendulum, the shortest period we measured was 1.74 s. For the 0.75 m pendulum, the longest period we measured was 1.77 s. This means that the range of values we got for the period of the 0.9 m pendulum overlaps with the range of values we got for the period of the 0.75 m pendulum. So, we can't conclude that the period is different between these two pendulum lengths. Therefore, we don't yet know enough to conclude that the period depends on the pendulum's length. Which student do you agree with? Or do they both make some valid points? Explain

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