1. Problem/Solution Paper Using the sources, you gathered in assignments three and four, write a paper that argues in favor of ONE solution to the problem that you are researching. You may use the topic proposal that you wrote for assignment four as the basis for your introductory section. Your paper should include the following content: 1. Introduction 2. Background context of your problem (20% of body) - Be specific and concrete. What is the problem? Why is that a problem? Explain in detail. 3. Discussion of possible solutions (30-40% of body) - at least two solutions. These must be plausible solutions using evidence to support them. Refute each solution that you aren't arguing/n4. Argument for one specific solution (40-50% of body) - Give a convincing argument that is based on valid evidence and research. After describing the solution, in either the same or separate paragraph, explain what exactly are the specific procedures/steps/components in implementing the solution in order to solve the problem. Next, determine how the success of the solution will be measured. Finally, why is the solution that you chose the best out of all the possible solutions? What makes it the most viable and effective solution to the problem that you described? Explain in detail. 5. Conclusion Remember that this is a research paper and that everything you write here must be based on credible, reliable sources that you have found from your research. You will certainly express your opinion on the topic, but your opinion must be supported by research.

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