1. (S 5) Linear Functions A. Use g(x) = x + 2 to complete the following parts: 1. What is the y-intercept (write as a point)? Explain how to find the y-intercept algebraically. 2. What is the x-intercept (write as a point)? Explain how to find the x-intercept algebraically. 3. What is the domain? (use interval notation) 4. Is this linear function increasing or decreasing? Explain how you can tell just by looking at the equation. 5. Explain how to graph the function. You don't have to graph it (I know Desmos can do that for you!), I want you to explain how to graph it, using the values given in the function. B. If f(x) is a linear function, f(1) = -5 and f(5) = 6, find an equation for f(x). C. An electrician charges $25 for a service call plus $40 per hour of service. Write an equation in slope-intercept form for the cost, C, after h hours of service. What will be the total cost for 3 hours of work?

Fig: 1