1. Volume of H₂ if it was collected at STP The ideal gas law is helpful here. Use Pconvert to STP.frompage 27 and No. of equivalents of H₂ (11.2 L at STP = 1 equiv.)m The volume of one mole of an ideal gas is 22.4 L. In this case, weare following the H atoms, so one equivalent of H atoms has avolume of 11.2 L. No. of equivalents of Mg needed to produce the above Remember our definition of an equivalent. How many gramsof Mg would you need to make the number of equivalents ofH₂ in item 2? Equivalent weight of Mg (no. g of Mg/no. of equiv.) no. of eOxidation state (valence) of Mg(valence = atomic weight/equiv. weight)Percent . Percent error in the equivalent weight Can you figure out what the theoretical equivalent weightshould be?

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