1. What is the Boyle's Law? 2. What is the Charles' Law? ( 3. What is the reaction taking place in today's experiment (Equation)? Make sure the reaction equation is balanced. Name two types of the reactions that can be used to describe this experiment. 4. How do we relate a volume of H₂ (g) evolved during the reaction to the number of moles of H₂? (2points) 5. What is the definition of the Equivalent Weight? What's the value of Atomic Weight of hydrogen? 6. According to the lab video, which three equations do we use in today's experiment? (3 points) a) From the lab rules, you are told that always add acids to water, but in today's experiment, you are doing the opposite way by adding water to acids, explain why is it? (2 points) b) Why should we use steel wool clean the surface of the magnesium ribbon? c) How could you know today's reaction is complete? d) At the end of experiment, why does the height of the water column above the surface of the baker need to be measured? (2 points) e) Why are we interested in Vapor Pressure in today's lab? (

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