(1) Written Report: 1. Select project topic: Select from any topic covered in class this semester, and apply it to a local community, business, public office, region, country, or continent. Topics may be, however, are not limited to: Hazard Risk Management/Risk Management for the Private Sector/ Business Continuity/Hazard Risk Management Mitigation Planning/Establishing Partnerships/Risk Mapping Vulnerability Mapping/ Identifying Hazards/Financing Risk Reduction 2. Select a Continent/Region or City for your project, utilizing the "Planning for Community-based Disaster Resilience Worldwide" Book. You may select: Africa (pg 19- 82)The Americas (pg 83-184); Asia (pg 185-326); Australia (pg 327-388); Europe (pg 389-456). 3. Each report should include an GIS Mapping component. 4. Written Report formatThe report should include the following: Cover Page-Title, Abstract, Introduction, Methodology (Mapping information). Results, Discussion, References. The report should be at most 10 pages (single spaced 12 pt font) + 1 cover page = total of 11 pages. (2) Oral Presentation:

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