11) A student prepared two solutions of different concentrations using the instructions below: Solution A: add 105g of copper (I) sulfate to 500mL of water Solution B: add 4 moles of copper (I) sulfate to 2000 mL of water a) Determine the molar concentration of solution A and solution B. b) The student then put 1 OmL of solution A into a dialysis tube and submerged the tube in a beaker of water. He did the same, for solution B. The bag containing solution A is_to the solution in the beaker. The bag containing solution B will____mass after 24 hours. The bag containing solution A will have a____mass change than the bag containing solution B after 24 If solution B is place in a dialysis bag and then submerged into solution A, we would say that solution B is____to solution A.

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