13a) A thin spherical shell of radius o possesses a uniformly distributed total net charge of +. Describe how the electric field varies inside and outside the[2 marks]shell. b) Draw the electric field lines around two point charges distance apart whereone charge is positive and the other is negative. Show the direction of thefield lines on your diagram.[1 mark] Two square metal plates contain an electric field of 4x10³ N.C¹. If the charge on each plate is 8.5x10-8C, calculate the dimensions of each plate. Under what conditions does your answer apply?[3 marks] O A very small hole is cut through the positively charged plate in the arrangement described in part (c) of this question. The distance between the-two plates is 1 cm. An electron at rest close to the negatively charged plate is accelerated across the space between the plates and passes through the small hole in the positively charged plate. Find the velocity at which the electron enters the hole in the positively charged plate.[4 marks]

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