16 A dragster is a racing car designed for a very short race along a completel, e Orocatrack, so must be able to accelerate at a very high rate. The dragster and driverbelow have a combined weight of 1.23 ×10ʻN. The eentre of gravity is 1.80m inof the rear axle. The front axle of the dragster is 6.00 m from the rear axle. (a) Calculate the reaction forces R and R,, shown on the diagram, when the dragster isstationary and not accelerating. (b) When the dragster starts, there is a driving force that gives the dragster an iwrishstudesforward acceleration of 5.50 g. Calculate the initial driving force on the dragster. (c) The power from the car's engine is constant. Explain how the force from the engine varies as the car accelerates.(2

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