2.9 Consider the car in Problem 2.8. If it is known that the car achieves maximum speed at an overall gear reduction ratio of 2.7 to 1 with a drive axle slippage of 3.5%, how fast would the car be going if it could achieve its maximum speed when its engine is producing maximum power? 2.8 A rear-wheel-drive car weighs 2600 lb and has an 84-inch wheelbase, a center of gravity 20 inches above the roadway surface and 30 inches behind the front axle, a drivetrain efficiency of 85%, 14-inch- radius wheels, and an overall gear reduction of 7 to 1. The car's torque/engine speed curve is given by the equation M = 6ne -0.045n². If the car is on a paved, level roadway surface with a coefficient of adhesion of 0.75, maximum acceleration from rest. determine its determine its

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