2. A cantilever 6m long has a point load of 13kN acting at the free end. Given aflexural stiffness of 100 MNm2 calculate the slope and deflection at the free end. A Cantilever is 10m long and has a point load of 75kN at the free end. The deflection at the free end is 4mm downwards, the modulus of elasticity is 275 GPa. The beam has a solid rectangular cross section with the depth 3.5 times the width. Calculate the Flexural stiffness The dimensions of the beam A cantilever beam is 4 m long and has a udl of 300N/m. The flexural stiffness is 60MN² calculate the slope and deflection A cantilever beam is 5m long and carries a udl of 8kN/m. The modulus of elasticity is 205GPa and the beam is solid circular section. Calculate the flexural stiffness that gives 3mm of deflection Diameter of the beam

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