2. Aggregate Project Plan for Enterprise Software (-2 hours; 25 points) Read the intcftop of page 1 and follane them In the mid-to-late 1990s, as gathm decided to deaty a podact portale" by ventbring in the enterprise ware e, CRM, SCM, ERM) space as part of an Grunal growth strategy. As a first step in this venture has acted a small company that des and sell for the wall beckor. After considerable product and technology analysis, five development projects in the Supply Chain Management (SCM) space have bem proposed, in folk conting software El: an eurement of the existing accounting package to include materials E2: an enhancement of the existing "fancelaccounting" package to include planning and indirect procent also for the small businen sche Pl: a new platiom product with functionality similar to El, but for the medium enterprise P2 a platform product for manufacturing companies in the modium enterprise sector. P2 has com funcionality similar to E2, and abo ichakn a manufacturing witware adale R&D development of new plan for the future that includes and collation for the medium and large citerprise sector. The ruling bookchoosght” product, when commercialized, will have "vertical" capability for "plugging-in" new application untiware serve new market actem, og, stal and For cache, dould de comid Sunday staly and de how does the da (pre-of-con PTFby of of the chefs (TF) PPD proublay of access of the product dedepee (P The id fomlity for prof and (2) "Whould the product be developed the outcome of the product dendepenent et med with the voduct developennt for cach prog Tate the pot face in the absence of any rik Sance there pes of mak, chical semblay rok, and product dever, the expected mye mor expected prote for cach project will be signal than the values in the lastchans. You will functions, an pust of your overall solution, nood to calculade expected prote for each project ingan perte Decisam Andysis Pacem the Table 1: Potential Development Projecto Pria Tactical Fashlay Pokedendopment Profit proda(TF) Study SMD RAD PI B-B-GR Cat (SMTP) 0.35 07 D CMD 50 30 10 10 1.75 All and SM The city 250 250 75 1. The firm needs to decide on the "hot" mix (set) of projects to work on during the next fiscal year. The total capital budget allocated the project spaading for the next fiscal year in $100M. Pase the sociated integer-programming optimization problem to select the combination of projects that will masining the complain or total expected mondary value for expected prncit) waheat anucceding the camalative one hital capital radget contains Aaxsume that ach project is done by a separate team, and that each project is indeperadent of the other projects 2. Selve the appropriate intogen-programming problem wing "table-lookup" in order to determine which project should be selected in onder to manimine camalaive expected profit with exceding the total capital badget contraint? What is the stron inted capital (ROIC) of 3. How mach cash do you have left in your capital budget after you have made your project selection What would you in the men do with this cash latify your

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