2. Air enters a pipe passing overhead in a warehouse space. The inlet temperature and pressure are 600 K and 600 KPa respectively. Also the mass flow rate enters the pipe is 700Kg/h. At the pipe exit, the pressure and temperature of the air are 450 KPa and 500 K respectively. Air can be modeled as an ideal gas with K= 1.4. Kinetics and potential energy effects can be ignored. (20 points) Determine at the steady state (a) the rate of heat transfer, KW, for control volume comprising the pipe and its contents, and (b) the rate of entropy production, in KW/K, for an enlarged control volume that includes the pipe and enough of its surroundings that heat transfer occurs at the ambient temperature of 25°C.Based on your result elaborate if the second law of thermodynamics is violated or not. Why or Why not??

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