2. Stephan and Miguel are thrill-seeking brothers and have decided to try sky sailing! The two brothers will hang suspended from a moving plane and surf the air currents as pictured in the below schematic. Being safety conscious, the brothers decide to do some calculations to make sure the stunt will be mostly safe and to know what ropes to buy for the stunt. (Hint: you may ignore any wind resistance or friction for this problem.)

If the brothers have masses of m Stephan = 80kg and mMiguel = 34kg and the plane is accelerating at a constant a plane = 2.25 m/s², what is the tension in the rope (magnitude and-direction) between Stephan and Miguel? What about the tension (magnitude and direction)between Miguel and the plane? Draw full force diagrams for both brothers with accurate directions for all forces. Also, indicate any 3rd law pairs between the two diagrams. (Note,the orientations of the ropes depicted in the schematic are not necessarily accurate.)

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