3.53 A wire of diameter D = 2 mm and uniform temperature Thas an electrical resistance of 0.01 2/m and a current flow of 20 A. (a) What is the rate at which heat is dissipated per unit length of wire? What is the heat dissipation per unit volume within the wire? sur(b) If the wire is not insulated and is in ambient airand large surroundings for which T=T= 20°C,what is the temperature T of the wire? Thewire has an emissivity of 0.3, and the coefficientassociated with heat transfer by natural convectionmay be approximated by an expression of theform, h= C[(T-T)/D]¹/4, where C = 1.25W/m74. KS4 (c)If the wire is coated with plastic insulation of 2-mm thickness and a thermal conductivity of 0.25 W/m-K,what are the inner and outer surface temperatures of the insulation? The insulation has an emissivity of 0.9, and the convection coefficient is given by the expression of part (b). Explore the effect of the insulation thickness on the surface temperatures.

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