3. Rosalba, a resident of New Mexico, claims that Pet Food Company Inc., sold dog food that made her dog, Champ, sick. Champ is a prize-winning poodle. He survived the pet food fiasco only after traveling to a veterinarian in Florida specializing in p0odles and only because he had two very expensive surgeries. Additionally, his ability to sire has been impaired, and Rosalba will earn no more breeding fees from Champ. Her alleged damages are $100,000. Pet Food Company Inc., is incorporated in Delaware, with its principal place of business in New Mexico. 3a. Rosalba would like to bring the lawsuit in Federal Court in Florida, where her veterinarian is located, so it will be easy for the vet to testify at the trial. What would you tell her and why?(20 points) 3b. Rosalba would like to obtain additional evidence regarding the knowledge of Pet Food Company about any contaminants in the dog food, including whether the company was aware of any contamination and whether any other customers have contacted and/or sued Pet Food Company. How can Rosalba get this information? (10 points)

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