4. Field transformations and electrodynamics: Consider a lab frame with constant and uniform fields of E= 82 V/m and B = -24 T perpendicular to one another. Answer the following questions: a) If a point charge with q = 1 C is observed to be moving within the lab frame with some constant velocity v = U₂, what would be v? Hint: how about making sure that the electric field E' = 0 in the reference frame of the moving charge? Explain your reasoning carefully. b) Consider an electron with charge q = -1.6 x 10-¹9 C in motion in the lab frame such that at time t = 0 it appears to have a velocity of v' = 22 m/s within the moving frame of the first charge. What would be the acceleration of the electron at time t = 0? Hint: B' = B, F = ma, and the mass of the electron is m = 9.1 x 10-³1 kg.

Fig: 1