4. With the Minebea K053B from problem 3: C. a. We seem to have plenty of torque for our desired speed. Our attention shifts to reducing the power requirement for the drive electronics. We chose to drive the system in "Wave Drive" mode. This reduces our pull-out torque by 40%. Why did the torque drop? Is this mode suitable for the load measured in Problem 3? b. We decide to stay with "Full Step" drive but change the motor winding to model K0468. Does this change help with the driver power consumption? Did we compromise the torque profile in this case? Now we need to investigate issues with system resonance! We run the system starting at a low speed and gradually increase step rate and watch for the load not following commands. At what range of speeds do you expect to see trouble for the two motor selections K0538 and K0648? Hint for part a: Slide 24 of lecture 4F. Hint for part a: Slide 37 of lecture 4F.

Fig: 1