6. Two point-like charges are placed at the corners of an equilateral triangle as shown in the figure, a = 44.0 cm. Find the magnitude of the electric field at the top corner. Let q₁ = -2.60 μC, and q2 = -2.20 μµC. 2.39e6 N/C HAZÁN SETÁY SET/ SEZÁN SETAN BEZÁN SETA SETẨY 91 SA AT BETAN BEZÁY SEAT SETẤT BETÁY S a y238 ky238y238 ky 238 ky238 k ky2e ky238 ky238 ky238 ky ky238 ky238 1 92 238 ky238 ky238 ky238 ky238 ky

Fig: 1