7. In a demonstration of skill, an archer shoots an apple which their assistant has thrown into the air. The apple is thrown straight upwards and is still rising at 2.5 m/s when the arrow hits it. The arrow is travelling at 18 m/s at a 45° angle to horizontal the instant before it skewers the apple. The arrow has a mass of 20 g and the apple a mass of 180 g. (a) Determine the initial momentum of the combined apple-arrow system immediately be-fore the arrow hits.[3 marks] (b) What is the momentum of this system immediately after the collision? (c) Determine the velocity of the combined apple-arrow object immediately after the collision. (d) Calculate the kinetic energy of this system both before and after the collision.[₂all (e) Is the collision elastic or inelastic? (Briefly) justify your answer.

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