a. A student weighs out 635.94 g Na,CO3 and dissolves it in 2.0 L water. What is the molarity of his solution? (4 points) b. The student's lab manual says to mix some of his Na,CO3 solution with an aqueous solution of copper(II) sulfate (CuSO.). (6 points i. What evidence of a chemical reaction would he expect to see? Explain your answer.points) ii. Write a balanced chemical equation to show the reaction. Use state symbols. (4points) c. At very high temperatures, copper(Il) sulfate undergoes the reaction CuSO,(s) → CuO(s) +So;(9). (6 points) i. What kind of reaction is this? (2 points) ii. If 319.22 g CuSO,(s) reacted completely in the reaction, how many grams of CuO(s)would be produced? (4 points)

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