(a) An industrial plant preparing components during an automated manufacturingprocess requires a system controller with the following state diagram: - (i)Using a 4-bit programmable counter, an 8:1 multiplexer and a suitable ROM chip, design the circuit for the system controller. Ensure all the components in your diagram are fully labelled. ) Construct a table showing the contents of the ROM chip.(4 A tourist ferry operating on the river Thames in London wishes to play a simple tune on its 3 horns to warn passengers of the boat's arrival. The sequence in-which the 3 horns are to be sounded is given below. The proposed sequence generator circuit is to consist of a 4-bit binary counterand a collection of simple combinational logic gates as shown below:- (i)Construct a Truth Table for the sequence generator. Using K-maps, determine the Boolean expressions for the minimum number of logic gates that will need to be connected to the outputs of the binary counter.

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