a. As part of the ground and feature modelling data collection stage of survey for the design of a road and small bridge, a bridge site survey is required to obtain sufficient information for design purposes. Describe the survey requirements and other relevant information to be obtained to aid in the design of the bridge.(75 marks) b. It is proposed to construct an earth and rock filled dam across a major creek for irrigation of crops. The dam will abut either side of the stream (there is no by-wash, but there will be a drop inlet) an dis 3 metes wide at the crest and batters down to the creek bed at2h:1v ratio. (i) List and describe the types of surveys that may be required from the feasibility stage to final construction stage (there is no requirement for cadastral surveys or road surveys). (ii)Sketch an outline of the extent and location of any marks placed for setting out the dam, drop inlet, extent of the dam, control/recovery marks and benchmarks. Question 4(b) marking scheme: (i) List 40%, description 60%(ii) Sketch and locations 100%.

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