A cloud of neutral hydrogen atoms in space has a temperature of 50 K and a number density n = 500 cm-³. You can take the radius of a hydrogen atom to be 0.53 Å, the mass of hydrogen atom to be 1.66 × 10-27 kg and kB = 1.38 × 10-23 JK-¹. . Calculate the pressure in the cloud. . Calculate the mean-free path of the hydrogen atoms in the cloud. . Calculate the thermal conductivity, , of the cloud of hydrogen atoms using the kinetic theoryexpression for k, \kappa=\frac{1}{3} n \lambda\langle v\rangle C where C is constant volume heat capacity of a hydrogen atom. - Comment on how you expect к to vary with pressure.ê Give your answers to an appropriate number of significant figures and with appropriate units.

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