a) Draw the FBD of pulley at Cand pulley at Dusing compasses for circles b) Use torque equilibrium, to find the tensions in the belt on pulley C assuming the shaft is running at a constant speed c) Draw the FBD of the shaft and find themagnitudes of the bearing reaction forces atA and B, assuming the bearings act as simplesupports d) Draw shear-force, bending-moment and torque diagrams for the shaft. If needed, make one set for the horizontal plane and another set for the vertical plane. e) Find the critical point on the shaft and,determine the bending stress and the torsional shear stress. Why is this point critical? f) Draw the stress state for this point and show the stresses on an infinitesimal square element g) Draw the Mohr circle on a scaled paper withrulers and compasses h) Find the principal stresses and maximum shear stress at this point i) Show the stress state at the principal and at maximum shear stress planes

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