A gas- turbine power plant operates on a modified Brayton cycle shown in the figure with an overall pressure ratio of 8. Air enters the compressor at 0°C and 100 kPa. The maximum cycle temperature is 1500 K. The compressor and the turbines are isentropic. The high pressure turbine develops just enough power to run the compressor. Assume constant properties for air at 300 Kwith Cv=0.718 kJ/kg · K, Cp=1.005 kJ/ kg · K, R=0.287 kJ/ kg · K, k=1.4. (a) Sketch the T- s diagram for the cycle. Label the data states. (b) Determine the temperature and pressure at state4, the exit of the high pressure turbine. (c) If the net power output is 200 MW, determine mass-flow rate of the air into the compressor, in kg/ s. (put in part c)

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