A. Label the mole flow rates and components in each stream. Use A for ammonia, B for carbon dioxide, C for NO, D for NO2, N for nitrogen, W for water, U for urea, and O for oxygen. Use the letter F for mole flow rate.Stream 1 comes from the engine, stream 2 comes from the emission control system, stream 3 connects the antechamber and the reactor and stream 4exits the reactor. (1 pt) B. Calculate the flowrate of ammonia (mol/min) in stream 3. (2 pts) C. Write out mass balance equations for A, C, and D in the reactor. (2 pts) D. Express the EPA limit using an equation. (1 pt) E. Calculate the extent of reaction required for the reactor to achieve the EPAlimit. (2 pts) F. Write out the mass balance equation for species U in the antechamber. (2pts) G. Calculate the mole flow rate of water and urea into the antechamber. (2 pts)

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