A manufacturing problem. One step in the manufacture of large engines requires that holes of very precise dimensions be drilled. The tools that do the drilling are regularly examined and are adjusted to ensure that the holes meet the required specifications. Part of the examination involves measurement of the diameter of the drilling tool. A team studying the variation in the sizes of the drilled holes selected this measurement procedure as a possible cause of variation in the drilled holes. They decided to use a designed experiment as one part of this examination. Some of the data are given in Table 15.1. The diameters in millimeters (mm) of five tools were measured by the same operator at three times(8:00 A.M., 11:00 a.M., and 3:00 p.M.). Three measurements were taken on each tool at each time.The person taking the measurements could not tell which tool was being measured, and the measurements were taken in random order."17

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