. A pump is used to draw water from a well to a storage tank at a rate of 500 gallons per hour. The well is 200 ft deep, and the water in the storage tank is 60 ft above ground level. The driven by a 4.5 hp motor, and 45% of the power available is used in pumping. In the winter, the well water temperature is 40°F. To prevent freezing in the lines leaving the pump, a heater is added to the pipes, keeping the temperature at 45°F at steady state. a. Is this an open or closed system? Select the appropriate form of the energy balance andsimplify it, assuming your system is the water. ( b. Calculate the change in potential energy in BTU/hr; c. Calculate the shaft work done on the system. What is the correct sign for this shaft work? d. If the specific enthalpy change due to the temperature increase is 5.02 BTU/lb m, Calculate the heat input required in BTU/hr. (

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