(a) Rank the following transitions in order from lowest to highest wavelength: infraredabsorption, UV-induced fluorescence, UV-induced phosphorescence, UV absorption,NMR, Raman scattering, X-ray fluorescence (b) Describe the difference between a time domain and a frequency domain measurement.Give one example of each. (c) Identify the component of an FTIR spectrometer that makes it possible to use Fourier Transformation in order to analyze the IR spectrum. (d) Are detection limits for fluorescence spectroscopy higher or lower than UV-Visible absorbance spectroscopy? Explain why. (e) You acquired an FTIR spectrum of a sample with 32 scans. Each individual scan was 1.5 seconds long. The resulting spectrum (taken with 32 scans) has a signal to noise ratio of 2.5. i.Would this spectrum be acceptable data for a limit of detection study? ==How long would it take to collect a spectrum with a S/N of 10?

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