A robot arm is shown in the vertical plane in Figure Q1a supporting a lightweight cameraD. At the instant shown Point O is fixed, whereas the support column AB is accelerating vertically upwards such that Point B has vertical acceleration a= 2 m/s². Arm BC is rotating in the vertical plane with constant angular velocity 6₁ = 2 rad/sec as shown,whereas arm CD is also rotating in the vertical plane, with constant angular velocity 6₂ =4 rad/sec. i)At the instant shown determine the acceleration vector for mass centre G of arm CD expressed in terms of the defined xy coordinate system. If arm CD, plus the camera, is treated as a plane rigid body having total mass m= 5 kg, and a mass moment of inertia value about mass centre G of 2 kgm²,determine the forces and the torque component that must be supplied to joint C of arm CD.

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