A thin, flat component with a step is to be examined, see Fig. 1. The task can be solved with Abaqus or DAEdalon. E = 210000 MPa und v = 0.3 can be used Make a selection for the amount of loading and the geometry of the heel. Investigate the voltage increase factor K, for at least two networks and compare it with the analytical value. Use Eq. (1) and the corresponding coefficients from Table 1. K_{t}=\frac{\sigma_{\max }}{\sigma_{0}}=C_{1}+C_{2}\left(\frac{2 h}{D}\right)+C_{3}\left(\frac{2 h}{D}\right)^{2}+C_{4}\left(\frac{2 h}{D}\right)^{3} \quad \text { mit } h=\frac{D-d}{2}

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