a. Use the periodic table to answer the following questions about calcium (Ca). (8 points) i. What is its atomic number? (2 points) ii. What is its average atomic mass? (2 points) iii. How many neutrons does the isotope Ca-42 have? (2 points) iv. What family does it belong to? (2 points) p. Electron configuration (4 points) i. Write the full electron configuration of calcium. (2 points) ii. Use the electron configuration to predict the most likely oxidation state of calcium.Explain your answer.(2 points) c. Use periodic trends on the periodic table to predict the following. (12 points) i. How does calcium's atomic radius compare to magnesium's (Mg) radius and potassium's (K) radius? Explain your answer. (4 points) ii. How does calcium's first ionization energy compare to the first ionization energy of magnesium and potassium? (4 points) iii. Would calcium's chemical properties resemble those of magnesium or those of potassium? Explain your answer. (4 points)

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