Alarm Will Sound

Writing Assignment 3

There are two reading selections for assignment 3. Access the 'Assigned Reading Folder' on

our course site and find the following:

1. "Sound Targets" written by Jonathan Pieslak

2. "The Strange Case of the Havana Sonic Attacks" written by John M. Kirk

Read both and then follow the writing prompt.

Part 1

Read "Sound Targets" then answer the following questions.

1. How has the radio been utilized in psychological warfare operations?

2. What was one way the speaker was used in psychological warfare operations during the

Vietnam war?

3. Why did U.S. forces broadcast Rock and Roll music and create a "musical barrier" during

the invasion of Panama?

4. Describe two ways that music has been utilized by U.S. soldiers during the Iraq war.

Part 2

Read "The Strange Case of the Havana Sonic Attack and then write a succinct summary

(-200-250 words) that captures the main points of the article.