analysis and as a junior d to Activity 2: You are tasked with bracing the wing spar beam in activity 1 (above) with an engine pylon (second beam) secured at an angle. You have selected a cast bracket but need to check that the angle between the edges of the bracket is precisely the same angle that the beams are required to be, compared to the engineering drawing. 400 mm B 250 mm 300 mm 50 mm (c) Determine the displacement vector, s = = PQ Jo HAY Sy cond 101 (a) Write the position vectors along the top edge (OA) and right edge (OB) of the bracket. (b) Determine the angle (u) between the edges of the sheet-metal bracket (in the plane AOB). This whole structure is supporting the aircraft engine. In flight, a force of F=5i +3j - 2k newton's is applied to the engine, which moves it from position P = (1, 1, 1) to position Q = (5,-1,2) (in metres). (d) Determine the work done by the force F, in moving the object from P to Q. (Work done = Force x Displacement)

Fig: 1