Analytical undertakes contract analysis for hospitals industry and local authority bodies.You are a scientist working within the analytical toxicology unit measuring toxin and heavy metal contaminants in human samples. An hospital in London has reported a relative high number of patients showing unusual symptoms in the last couple of weeks. Some of the symptoms are in common with the Wilson's disease, a metabolic disease characterized by high level of copper. The doctors exclude these patients are affected by Wilson's disease and suspect that they are affected by a new disease. Copper is an essential metal for the life of human beings; however, it can be extremely toxic if high levels are accumulated in the body. Your task is to help the doctors identify at least one cause of the new disease by working in collaboration with your colleagues and the tutors throughout four targeted workshops and a lab experiment. 1. Defined a hypothesis 2. Designed an experiment to test your hypothesis, including Health and Safety and/or Ethics Approval

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