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Question 41128

posted 1 years ago

1) Compare the benefits and disadvantages of pre- and post-natal surgical interventions? (6marks) Provide a conclusion on which of these surgical interventions you would agree to if the affected child was your own? (4 marks)

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Question 36192

posted 1 years ago

What is Newton's second Law (briefly)? And how it can be utilized in biomechanics?

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Question 36194

posted 1 years ago

Several researchers obtained maximum stress generated by our muscles. Why these values differ from one study to another? And what is the importance of these values?

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Question 36195

posted 1 years ago

What is the difference between a cost function and a constraint? Mention an example of each to make your explanation more clear.

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Question 36193

posted 1 years ago

What does PCSA stands for? And how it is calculated for a muscle with pennate fibers?

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