APA Choose 1 of the 3 options. Your answer should be between 400-500 words. Key concepts should be well defined. The goal is to show what you know from class materials with minimal emphasis on creating brilliant new ideas. A formal bibliography is not necessary, importance is being able to link key terms to their theorists 1. Adnorno and Horkhiemer argue that style makes us victims of false consciousness. How might this concept relate to the commercialization of print and more advanced communication technologies. To what extent might this theory relate to Dallas Smythe's proposition of cultural realism- that our central values are expressed in our artifacts, practices and institutional policies? 2. Nancy Fraser argues that the public sphere "designates a theater in modern societies in which political participation is enacted through the medium of talk. It is the space in which citizens deliberate about their common affairs". How does the reality of public discourse match this description? How do other themes from our class help us to consider opportunities and barriers for the public sphere? 3.Ellul said that "Propaganda is creating truth, truth is powerless without propaganda". Identify some of the propaganda in a major country in an argument where you defend either a liberal or socialist approach to propaganda with reference to other major themes from our course. peg PDF Untitled docume....pdf ⒸWhatsApp Imag....jpeg

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