ARKANSAS CORPORATION is a company that produces machinery to customer order. Its job costing system, using normal costing, has two direct cost categories, direct materials and direct labor, and one indirect cost pool, manufacturing overhead, allocated using a budgeted rate based on direct labor costs. Budgeted and actual information for 2016 are as follows: Budget Direct Labor Manufacturing overhead At the end of 2016, the ending work in process consisted of: Ending Work In Process: Direct Materials Direct Labor Overhead Actual $420,000 $400,000 $252,000 $186,840 $64,000 50,000 30,000 $144,000 There were no beginning work-in-process or finished-goods inventories. Ending Finished Goods showed a balance of $156,000, which included overhead costs of $25,200. Cost of goods sold was $1,600,000, of which $184,800 consisted of applied overhead. L/n7. Assume that the under/overapplied overhead is considered material in nature. Round final answers to nearest dollar. Prorate the amount computed in requirement two above on the basis of: a. Ending balances of the appropriate accounts (before any adjustment). b. The amount of applied overhead in the ending balances of the appropriate accounts (before any adjustment).

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