Assessment mormation Form DEPARTMENT MODULE TITLE MODULE CODE TYPE OF ASSESSMENT SUBMISSION DATE Social Work and Social Care Communication Skills - Children and Adults SOW4005-B There are two parts (components) to the assessment for this module both are weighted at 50%: 1) Prepare a Poster on communication skills and theories (an individual assessment) - (50%) - submission only via Canvas. 2) 15-minute group theatre piece to demonstrate effective communication skills including understanding of the barriers to communication (50%) 1) Poster - online submission only via Canvas. 2) Group Theatre Piece - Assessment Brief / Instructions for Students Poster Presentation Your poster must be submitted electronically, so should either be made digitally using software such as PowerPoint or made physically and digitally photographed such that it can be uploaded to the submission portal and clearly seen. Your poster should include several theories/models of communication. These theories / models should be referenced.

Fig: 1