Assignment #02 - Lab 7.1.8 Save your spreadsheet by clicking File and then Save As 7.1.9 Modify the name of the file by adding a cight in brackets or (8) before the dot (Stat3136 Lab7_12 Your Name(8)). The eight (8) represents week 8 of the term. 7.1.10 Change the number to represent each week of the term (8 through 14 for lab assignment #2). After seven weeks, you could have up to eight separate files for lab assignment #2. 7.1.11 Attendance for the lab depends on your file being placed in the appropriate weekly Lab Assignment Drop Box in DC Connect along with evidence that the lab was actually worked on (not necessarily completed). 7.1.12 The drop boxes are open from Monday to Friday (before midnight) each week. It is recommended that each student upload files on Fridays well before midnight. 7.1.13 Once a file has been uploaded, do a Save As and change the number in the brackets to represent the next week. Once the number has been changed, just do a Save while working on the lab until that file is uploaded to DC Connect. 7.1.14 Highlight cells B7 through G7 and Copy the formulas to the clipboard (Ctrl+C). Click on cell B8, hold down the SHIFT key, and then click cell B22 to highlight the range of cells. Click on the Paste down arrow and Formulas & Number Formatting (O) to copy only the formulas as well as the formatting to the spreadsheet. If necessary, hit F9 to recalculate all the formulas. Your spreadsheet should look like the spreadsheet in Figure 7.3.