Assignment #2: Database manipulation [13 points] Choose your own human G-protein coupled receptor protein (fast link in uniprot) (you cannot select the oxytocin receptor and it must have a resolved three-dimensional structure). Please provide for the chosen structure the following information: • Gene name, gene location and a list of splicing variants [2 point] • Protein sequence, sub-cellular location and a list of homologous proteins [2 points] • Write a brief description about the biological function of the chosen GPCR. Remember to write the bibliographic sources and explicitly explain how you found them [max 500 words] [3 points] • Look for a pdb entry of your GPCR and provide the PDB ID [1 points] • List the amount and type of mutations contained in your pdb (hint: look at the header) [2 points] • Results of a pairwise alignment (scores and screenshot of the alignment) with the sequence of the protein with PDB ID 6TPK. Please write also the rationale behind the choice of the parameters for the selected alignment [3 points]