Assignment 2 Intro to Programming CIS&122 | Sonia Xu Description Work off the program you created in assignment 1, and update the program so it allows the user to make as many sales entries as they want and to display the quarter that the sales occurred in. Console Output The bolded and underlined text indicate user input. Everything else should be displayed from the program. The user input serves as an example of how the program works. You can test your program however you'd like. DataViewer Program This program will accept user input for sales data for three days. After three inputs the program will display the total amount and exit. Enter sales data Amount: Year: Month (1-12) Day (1-31): 1. Enter more sales? (y/n): z 1234 2020 10 2020-5-10 Quarter 2 $1234.0 Amount: Year: Month (1-12): Day (1-31): 2. 875 2020 8 2020-8-12 Assignment 2 Amount: Year: Month (1-12) : Day (1-31): 3. Enter more sales? (y/n): z 1241 2020 10 11 Quarter 3 $875.0 Enter more sales? (y/n): Total Sales $3350.0 Program exit. 1 2020-10-11 Quarter 4 $1241.0/nAssignment 2 Intro to Programming CIS&122 | Sonia Xu Specifications • The program should continue if the user enters 'y' or "Y". • The program should accept float entries for the amount and integer entries for the year, month, and day. An error should occur if you try to input a float entry for the year, month, or day. • You can assume the user will enter valid data. • Determine the quarter based on the month value: Quarters 1 2 3 Months 1, 2, 3 4, 5, 6 7, 8, 9 10, 11, 12 • Each time an entry is inputted from the user, the program should display a summary of the input: entry number, date, and the amount. Please pay attention to the syntax and spacing, the program should display it exactly as shown. • Overall, pay attention to syntax and spacing, the program should display it exactly as shown in the console output example. What will be graded.... • File header comment • Program code, syntax and spacing, code organization • Program can run and output information to the interactive shell • Files are labeled as requested o Name the python file: assignment2-<your-last-name>.py o Please also submit a screenshot of the interactive shell when your program is executed. Name it: assignment2-screenshot-<your- last-name>.jpg Submission - 2 files • Python file • Screenshot of the interactive shell output Submissions will only be accepted via Canvas uploads. 2

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